Fort Augustus


Project Name:

Fort Augustus 132kV Substation, FQ1 circuit



Fort Augustus to Skye Tee 132kV circuit re-configuration Project

An existing 132kV radial circuit to the Western Isles tees off the Fort Augustus to Fort William West 132kV circuit and supplies GSP’s at Broadford and Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye.
Gridpower will re-equip a spare bay at the Fort Augustus 132kV substation to establish the new dedicated FQ1 feeder circuit to Skye. Subsequent work will be required to modify the existing FFW Fort William West Circuit.
The Gridpower scope of work also includes:

  • Detailed design work of the 132kV switchgear bay primary equipment
  • Supply of disconnectors, CVT’s, post insulators and support structures
  • Design and Supply of new feeder protection panels

Gridpower will be responsible for the site works including:

  • Civil engineering works to construct new bases primary equipment
  • Re-equipping the FQ1 bay with new disconnectors, CVT’s, post insulators etc.
  • Installation of multicore cables and earthing conductors
  • Installation and commissioning of new feeder protection
  • Modification to the signalling equipment on the Fort William feeder


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