Aberdeen Bay


Project Name:

Aberdeen Bay Wind Farm Project



Aberdeen Bay Wind Farm

A new 77MW offshore wind farm is planned for Aberdeen Bay which requires a 132kV connection to the SHET network. Gridpower will design and build a new 132kV switch bay at the Dyce Substation, establish a new onshore indoor 120MVA transformer substation close to the landing point for the offshore 33kV ‘feeder cables’, establish a new cable sealing end compound and refurbish approximately 2kM of 132kV transmission line.
The Gridpower scope of work includes:

  • Detailed design of the 132kV switchgear bay primary equipment at Dyce
  • Detailed design of the complete on shore transformers substation
  • Supply of circuit breaker, disconnectors, CVT’s, post insulators and support structures
  • Design and supply of new feeder protection panels

Gridpower will be responsible as Principal Contractor for the electrical and civil site works at Dyce, the Onshore Substation, the cable sealing end compound and the overhead line refurbishment works including:

  • All civil engineering works to construct the new indoor onshore transformer substation building and new bases for primary equipment at both Dyce and the cable sealing end compound
  • Installation of all electrical primary & secondary equipment
  • Installation of multicore cables and earthing conductors
  • Complete refurbishment of the overhead line including replacement of conductor, insulators and fittings
  • Overall commissioning of new equipment
  • Rock Drilling across major roads (A6 – Derry to Belfast)
  • Coordinate Road Service, Rivers Agencies, EA, Police, etc
  • Coordinate local services for relocation of services etc.


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