Glenconway windfarm

Project Name:

Glenconway wind farm UGC Grid Connection



Glenconway Renewable Windfarm Project

SSE Renewables is an international wind farm developer and is involved in the generation, transmission, distribution and supply of electricity.
It is subsidiary of Scottish and Southern Energy. The SSE Glenconway wind farm project is comprised of:

  • Construction of access tracks
  • Eight turbine foundations and eight wind turbines
  • Meteorological mast
  • Control building

The site is near to existing wind farms Altahullion in Co. Derry. It is expected to be energized and providing renewable energy by spring 2013

Gridpower is responsible for providing design, supply, installation, termination and commissioning of a double 33kV circuit underground cable from Glenconway 33kV Substation to the grid connection location at Slieve Kirk wind farm. The project contains the design of a 630mm sq AL double circuit, with an 800mm sq section (due to ground resistivity) together with all the associated works.

Civil Works:

  • 7.5km in Class B Carriageway
  • 4.5km in verges
  • 8km in grasslands, peat/marsh lands
  • Design of specialised bridge crossings (7 No)
  • Including liaison with the Rivers Agency
  • Rock Drilling across major roads (A6 – Derry to Belfast)
  • Coordinate Road Service, Rivers Agencies, EA, Police, etc
  • Coordinate local services for relocation of services etc.


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