Gridpower has a team of commissioning engineers, which are fully equipped with state of the art technology (Omicron three phase computerised test injection equipment) to commission plant and equipment.

Gridpower’s commissioning engineers can set up and test protection designs ranging from simple over-current schemes to complicated distance or unit schemes used on transmission, transformers and generators systems.
Primary injection and magnetising curve tests of current transformers are also handled using computerised automatic testing equipment, producing precise and repeatable test reports. Transformer ratio, vector group and tap changer tests are also routinely completed.

Plant testing includes:

  • Circuit breaker timing test
  • Reduced voltage trip testing
  • Temperature measurement and calibration.

If the equipment is insulated with SF6 then and on-site SF6 analysis of gas purity, dew point and decomposition products using the latest ‘DILO’ equipment can be carried out.
Gridpower also have the specialist skill to carry out complete fibre testing and installation work using optical power meters and visible light injection equipment.



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